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Icons/Layouts/Graphics by janine42584

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Icons/Layouts/Graphics by janine42584

What You Will Find Here
This is the graphics journal of janine42584
Here you will find icons, layouts, picspams, textures, and other graphics that I have made.
If you are looking for something specific, please look at the tags.

- Please Credit (I won't hunt you down if you don't, but it's just a nice thing to do)
- Comments Are Lovely
- You are more than welcome to change a given picture in my layouts (if you want the header/sidebar/whatever to be different that fine), or if you want to change the color of anything (again, fine). BUT please don't ask me how to do it, and don't ask for help if you've changed something and now the code wont work. I don't mind if you change things, but you do so at your own risk. Also, please do credit for the code if changing out the pictures... Thanks!
- ENJOY! Yes that is my final rule ;)

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